a new challenge in each game. The social context of Roulettenburg and it’s citizens motives will be different every time you play.



profound and harsh story arcs that will not let you indifferent. You will be presented to moral dilemmas that will make you question reality as you know it.



all possible outcomes of a story which take form through your actions and the alliances and loyalties that your forge.



captured suspects and choose wisely your actions. Judge between either being magnanimous or pushing them to the limit as you bear the consequences.



the regime and do your duty as a respected member of the party. Go wherever is required and obey the orders.



the events to pursue your own interests. After all, you are the truth and the truth is power.

Kommissar | Standard Edition

This edition includes:

  • Kommissar Early Access Steam Key for Win/Mac/Linux (Note: Mac/Linux may not be simultaneous to Windows launch)

Kommissar | Collector Edition

Receive additional bonus content and prepare yourself to endure the truth. This edition includes:

  • Standard Edition
  • Digital Comic
  • Exclusive wallpaper
  • Soundtrack
  • Development Diary
  • The Manifest (Document)
  • Artbook – The world of Kommissar

Kommissar | Patron Edition

Include your name in the halls of the Ministry as a committed member of the party! This edition includes:

  • Collector Edition
  • Show your Support in Game Credits

Kommissar | Founder Edition

Personify yourself as a citizen in Roulettenbourg and take part on the events that are about to come. This edition includes:

  • Patron Edition.
  • Your Own Character in the Game.

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